Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mad Dogfish: The Ones that Got Away

My second book, "Mad Dogfish: The Ones that Got Away" is currently being finished/edited. The book, which I like to describe as "Perry Boys on Steroids" is concerned with the mid-70s to the present day (2008-9) and covers music, fashion, football, crime, drugs, and travel - with emphasis on the travel.
The book is a tribute to those who took the plunge and travelled to alien shores, with or without a Lonely Planet guide, or a companion, or a pot to piss in. Staying on the move, kipping in sleazy motels, swimming in exotic oceans, wrecking French cities with the Red Army, and steaming about the American Interstate system, all these things are covered, as well as grafting in Mexico, painting millionaires' homes on Martha's Vineyard, and doing the blacktop game with the gypsies and mad Scots in Florida and Georgia.
Thailand, snides, Australian grafting, Germany, etc (thanks to my good friend Kenneth Lewis and his mad mates, Dominic Lavin, et al) all these countries and topics are covered...I can't wait to get this thing finished and out there.
And of course, the whole thing wouldn't be right without at least 80 pages dedicated to the evolution of the "casual" movement, and its rudimentary beginnings in Saint Etienne back in 1977.